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At Homeless ID Project we know that homelessness is not inevitable. It’s not ‘just the way it is.’ But, it will not end until we understand it and we will not understand it unless we talk about it – so let’s talk about it.

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Here we will talk about what we do, how we do it, who we do it with, and most importantly WHY we do this work!

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What’s Working to Empower Homeless

Feeling Conflicted?
We often feel torn between wanting to help homeless individuals and fearing scams. What can we do?

Make a Difference
Join us on October 4, 2024, for the Homeless ID Project 1000 Voices Breakfast to learn how to support those experiencing homelessness.

Event Highlights
Hear Real Stories: Be inspired by firsthand accounts.
Learn and Engage: Discover practical ways to help.
Connect with the Community: Join compassionate individuals making a difference.
By attending, you’ll support our mission of providing essential IDs for accessing services, employment, and housing.

Event Details:
Date: October 4, 2024
Time: 8 am
Location: Arizona Country Club

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Help Our Homeless: On The Frontlines

If you are like us here at Homeless ID Project, you can no longer turn a blind eye to the growing problems our homeless population faces. You are ready to be part of the solution and help our homeless community.

Some time ago, the New York Times reported on a group of biologists who concluded that babies are innately sociable and helpful. Though I’m not a biologist, I see such behavior every day in humans of all ages. We are wired to help, and it makes sense that we want to assist our homeless community.

When I get off the freeway and see a person in distress, I want to help. They look for cash, and while my cash might help better elsewhere, the instinct to help remains. It turns out, it is human to feel conflicted because we are wired to help.

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Partnerships Matter

As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we are grateful for the invaluable partnership with Community Bridges Inc. (CBI). At the Homeless ID Project, our collaboration with CBI ensures that our mutual clients receive critical mental health support alongside essential identification services. This dynamic referral system allows us to address both the practical and psychological needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Join us in thanking CBI for their unwavering commitment and support, making a significant difference in our community every day.

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