Help Our Homeless: On The Frontlines

Notes from the Campus

You are likely here because you can no longer turn a blind eye to the growing problems our homeless population faces on the street. You are ready to be part of the solution and do what you can to help our homeless population.

We invite you to our little corner of the Key Campus. What we are doing at Homeless ID Project is impactful, measurable, and most importantly, sustainable. We’re making a difference in tangible ways. We’re doing something real here!

To help is human

Some time ago the New York Times reported on a group of biologists who concluded that babies (i.e. little human beings, too young to have been trained) are innately sociable and helpful to others. The study showed that babies and toddlers have an altruistic nature at their core. Though I’m not a biologist, I would agree. I see such behavior every day in human beings of all ages. We humans want to help. So, it makes sense that we want to help our homeless community, doesn’t it?

When I get off the freeway and see a person in apparent distress, I want to help. They are looking for cash (per their sign) and I know that my cash will help best elsewhere – but that doesn’t stop me from reacting. It turns out, it is human to drive away feeling conflicted because humans are wired to help (so say the aforementioned biologists and so say I).

A blonde haired woman in a black baseball cap in focus holding papers and talking to a group of clients

How can you help our homeless population today?

The Key Campus (formerly the Human Services Campus) and each of its partners, including Homeless ID Project, are good places to help. There are opportunities to help, large, small, and anywhere in between. Everything from a bottle of water to a very large check is both needed and appreciated. Volunteers are always needed. I promise that whatever help you are able to provide will make a difference and will be sincerely appreciated.

If you are looking for a way to help our homeless population and don’t know where to help, start here by signing up for a tour of the Campus. The tour will take about an hour or so on a weekday morning. For most, this time spent with us lands somewhere between inspirational and life-changing. You’ll see many ways and places to help. It may even resuscitate your faith in humanity.


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2 thoughts on “Help Our Homeless: On The Frontlines

  1. I currently help in a soup kitchen as well as a pantry. My passion is to be able to do more for the homeless. So often they are misunderstood and judged. We have no idea what brought them to be homeless. We need to have compassion for them, they are human just as we are and homelessness can happen to anyone.

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