At Homeless ID Project we believe that homelessness is not inevitable. It’s not ‘just the way it is.’ But it will not end until we understand it and we will not understand it unless we talk about it – so let’s talk about it.  

The 1,000 Voices Campaign is an opportunity for you to join the conversation. There are a number of ways to get involved – some of them are listed here and some are yet to be discovered as we talk about our collective will to end homelessness.

Voices in the Conversation

Donald B Altvater ○ Jesus Ancheta ○ Nathaniel Babbitt ○ Dale Baker ○ James Bastien ○ John & Holly Bode ○ Ivy Bohnlein ○ Botco.ai ○ Andrew Brainard ○ Ben M Braksick ○ The Bressler Foundation, Inc ○ Jackie Briggs ○ Joyce M Brinton ○ Gracie Brookes ○ Chelsea Brown ○ Rusty Brown ○ Richard Calhoun ○ Christopher J Carenza ○ Katie Caris ○ Ashley Carter ○ Shanna Carter ○ Dianne Carter ○ Charity Storage, Inc ○ Kay Chenoweth ○ Christopher Choe ○ Yan Chung ○ Frederick & Linda Clor ○ Rebecca Clyde ○ Mary G Conant ○ Scott Conley ○ Barbara P Conti ○ David Cunningham ○ Donna Dalsing ○ John & Mary Denaro ○ Ian Kenna Derk ○ Marco Desimone ○ Leah Dines ○ Randall Eary ○ Joel Edman ○ Nancy Eisenberg ○ Elliot Family Philantropic Fund ○ Velia Fernandez ○ HT & Ellen Fitzsimmons ○ Sandra Greenberg ○ Sean Montano Grene ○ Loren Haas ○ Nicholas Hamati ○ Rob Hargis & Jorayne Tomlinson ○ Peter Harris ○ Loren M Hendry ○ Dominick Hernandez ○ Cole Hickman ○ Robert Hirsch ○ Kari Holly ○ Ashley Hutto ○ influencelogic ○ Rita Youssef Jean-Pierre ○ Jessica Jennings ○ Maria Jimenez ○ JLH Recipes, LLC ○ Lesley Johnston ○ Bobby Jones ○ Chelsea June Music ○ Thaddeus Klaus ○ Tyler M Kontra ○ Ron Kordonowy ○ Jacob Kuegler ○ Jesse Lambert ○ Katie Lampart ○ Lynette Larsen ○ Duane Lashbrook ○ Angela Lashinske ○ Wayne Luciano ○ Tanya Luken ○ Jacob Lyon ○ Brianna Madison ○ Mike Masciangelo ○ Stew Mcclintic ○ Jeanne McDonald ○ Trevor McKendry ○ Phillip Mclean ○ Brandon Mead ○ Stephen Messa ○ Daniel Mickelson ○ Heather Mignacca ○ Rick & Sydney Mitchell ○ Michelle Moorhead ○ David Nanni ○ John Nanni ○ Robert Nicoletti ○ Robert & Janis Norton ○ Seth Nydam ○ Barbara Oliver ○ Eric Ortega ○ J Gregory Osborne ○ Palmer Family Foundation ○ Samantha Parzych ○ Lisa Pechnik ○ Kayla Petrich ○ Kathleen Pettycrew ○ David & Susan Princehouse ○ Kenneth T Przeslica ○ Helen Purcell ○ Jack Rains ○ Brenda Ranney ○ Carolyn Rauch ○ Graham Reilly ○ Grace Rich ○ Joseph & Charlotte Riley ○ Sharon Ringstaff ○ Joel Robinson ○ Yvonne Rodriguez ○ Kristi Rohlf ○ Chris Roozendaal ○ Alessandro Rugge ○ Shelby Ryan ○ Miguel Salazar ○ Anthony Sarandrea ○ Jean Scheinert ○ Jean & Dean Scheinert ○ Genesis Sezate ○ Rebecca Simpson ○ Gary & Christine Skarsten ○ Jon G Smanz ○ Jeffrey Smith ○ Mitchell Smith ○ Bethanie Stephens ○ Robert Stewart ○ Stacie Stocker ○ David Stockett ○ Jay Stoneburner ○ Miranda Thompson ○ Kaitlyn Townsend ○ Zachary Travis ○ Jennfer Tucker ○ Victoria Van De Ryt ○ Zoe Vandinter ○ David Vanoni ○ Kylee Van Pelt ○ Winston Waring ○ Leslie Jannasch-Warner & John A Warner ○ Zachary Wein ○ Jennifer J Wenzel-Babbitt ○ Wildflower Bread Company, LLC ○ Jeffrey Yamada ○ Anthony Zacharias ○ ZachFit ○ Shira Zias ○ Sara Ziskin ○
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Join the Conversation

Enter your name, email, and phone number and we’ll reach out to discuss how you can add your voice to our campaign.

Get Involved

Become a volunteer, sponsor an event, take a tour of the Human Services Campus, and share success stories on social media.

Click here for more information.


Make a Donation

Arizona gives tax payers a voice. The State of Arizona is unique in allowing taxpayers to designate a portion of their state tax payment to help qualified nonprofits including Homeless ID Project. Click below to see how that works.

Your Voice in Action

Here is a snapshot of the impact your voice can have in our community.


Shannon had no way to reunite her family because she did not have her birth certificate nor those of her children. Once Shannon had the birth certificates, she was able to secure housing for herself and her children. For $800, you can help people like Shannon.



Robert was unable to find housing assistance because did not have his birth certificate. For $20, Robert received his birth certificate which empowered him to find housing so he was no longer living on the street. A $400 Tax Credit donation will help 20 people like Robert.



Walter had no voice because he had no ID. For $12, he received an ID and his ability to work. A $120 Tax Credit donation will help 10 people like Walter.

A Special Thanks to Our Community Sponsors


InfluenceLogic is a Phoenix-based performance marketing agency that works with social media influencers and consumer brands. They have an office downtown and supporting the community is an important part of their culture. They have even invited us into the organization to speak to employees about the Homeless ID Project’s work.

AZ Fly Shop is your community fly shop, a place where people come together to tell stories, watch fish videos, and have access to the best fly fishing equipment and flies. They support the obsession of fly fishing, the Arizona community, and the conservation of the outdoors.

Botco.ai is a Scottsdale-based conversational automation company that works with organizations across industries, including non-profit organizations, to enable meaningful and intelligent conversations with their customers. Supporting local organizations such as the Homeless ID Project is an important part of their mission and they have helped us launch our first ever chatbot to help Homeless ID Project clients learn about and access the services they need to end their homelessness.

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Would you like to become a
1,000 Voices Community Sponsor?

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