We exist for our clients and our community

We believe that every person matters and is worthy of respect

We strive to inspire by providing hope, dignity, and encouragement

We intend to be at the center of the discussion about ending homelessness

We recognize and value the support of the community and pledge to be good stewards of that support

We are ever mindful of our place as partners and collaborators within a larger community  of providers, without whom our work would not be possible or effective

We believe that our work is the cornerstone, providing the opportunity to overcome homelessness and poverty

The mission of Homeless ID Project is to empower individuals and families to end their homelessness and rebuild their lives by providing the critical first step of identification replacement services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate barriers to obtaining identification documents across America.

Belief Statement

We believe that a person’s ability to get a piece of paper or plastic card should not be what stops them from ending their homelessness.