2020 In Review: Community Impact Report

What a year full of challenges and opportunities aplenty! Despite COVID we were able to assist more than 6,000 individuals with a total of 4,664 documents and numerous other services including safe storage for those living on the street or in temporary shelter. Because of COVID, and with cooperation from ADOT and MVD, we were able to utilize a unique solution to get IDs for our clients without sending them on a crosstown bus to the MVD office.

2020 Documents issued:

        • State IDs:               3,210
        • Birth Certificates:   1,454
        • Total Documents:   4,664

The Mission of the Homeless ID Project is to END homelessness. We are at the front end of the process, providing required documents. Furthermore, we provide these documents with partnerships and intent. We work with agencies who can help the now documented client move forward – with jobs, housing, medical care and other basic services – to end homelessness. This work of providing replacement documents has an important and demonstrable result for our community.

Social Return on Investment

According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) the cost of homelessness to the community is $30,000 to $50,000 per homeless person per year. Each individual getting an ID, resulting from donations to Homeless ID Project, now has access to available employment and housing. 

Of course, not every client realizes an immediate end to homelessness, but if a mere 10% of documents provided to our clients in 2020 resulted in this end, your donations in support of this work resulted in a savings to the community in 2020 of $14 million (1) to $23 million (2) dollars! 

To complete the picture, consider this: Homeless ID Project’s 2020 budget was set at $450,000 to cover the cost of 9,000 documents; a fully loaded cost of $50 per document. The circumstances surrounding COVID resulted in fewer documents issued, as cited above, and a substantial reduction in expenses. Using the planned $50 per document cost multiplied by the actual documents issued results in expenses of $233,200. Given the USICH estimate of savings per person to the community detailed above, and using $30,000 – the low end of the savings range – Homeless ID Project returned $60 (3) to the community for every single dollar invested!

Homeless ID Project is guided by 7 CORE VALUES, including this: We recognize and value the support of the community and pledge to be good stewards of that support.

We believe that a return of $60 per dollar, turning a $400 tax credit into a $24,000 return to the community, is a serious demonstration of that value. 

Thank you sincerely for your continued support.

To observe our community impact throughout the year of 2021, take a look at our Quarterly Impact Reports.

Note 1: 4,664 documents X 10% = 466 productive documents X $30,000 savings per individual = $13,980,000 community cost savings

Note 2: 4,664 documents X 10% = 466 productive documents X $50,000 savings per individual = $23,300,000 community cost savings

Note 3: $13,980,000 community cost savings / $233,200 cost to issue documents = $59.95 return per dollar invested