We've provided more than 10,000 documents to homeless individuals and families in the past 2 years.

Services we provide


Replacement Documents

Assist client in the procurement of replacement documents including birth certificates and other supporting documents necessary to obtain a State ID or driver’s license


Financial Assistance

The cost of replacement documents is covered through the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsors. The cost of transportation to the MVD is also provided as needed


File Storage

Safe Storage is offered for clients living on the street, or not yet settled. This helps prevent loss, theft or destruction of documents, and precludes the need for additional replacement


Additional Help

We work in tandem with nonprofits throughout Arizona. Our partners offer referrals for food and housing, rehabilitation programs, medical assistance, and other services.

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Why do individuals experiencing homelessness need an ID?

How you can make a difference

Make a donation

Homeless ID Project safe wallet

The work of the homeles ID Project is 100% privately funded by donors like you. A $12 donation will help one individual obtain an I.D. that enables them to get housing and a job to end their homelessness.

Volunteer your time

Volunteer at Homeless ID Project

Our work would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers. We’re always looking for new volunteers to assist with services ranging from working directly with clients to assisting with social media efforts.

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How having an ID impacts a life

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Permanent Housing

Sign a lease



Obtain a stable income


Medical care

Access to medical care



Enroll children in school

Thank you to our sponsors