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Replacement Identification Documents

Assist clients in acquiring, at no cost to them, replacement identification documents including birth certificates and other supporting documents. 


Secure Document Storage

Help clients prevent loss, theft, or destruction of identification documents by keeping them safe with us.

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Need help with replacement identification

documents or secure document storage?


An ID is a necessary first step towards ending one’s homelessness.

How having an ID impacts a life

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Social Services

Access to services



Obtain a stable income

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Permanent Housing

Sign a lease


Medical Care

Access to medical care



Enroll children in school

Learn about the Homeless ID Project

1,000 Voices Campaign raises awareness about lack of IDs for homeless

Homeless ID Project in the news

“When you experience homelessness, you get used to being invisible. 
And now you don’t even have a piece of ID that says who you are.”

Why individuals experiencing homelessness don't have ID

Top reasons we see:

Loss or theft

Domestic abuse control

Eviction, locked out

Aged out of foster care system



“Not having an ID can make escaping homelessness virtually impossible”

How can you help?


Your Time

See What We’re Doing

Let’s work together to empower individuals to end their homelessness!

Homelessness is not “just the way it is”. It is NOT an inevitable reality. But, it will not end until we understand it and we will not understand it unless we talk about it. So let’s talk about it.

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