Here’s how the Tax Credit works:

1. Donate to a qualified organization such as Homeless ID Project. Your donations made between January 1, 2024, and April 15, 2025, are eligible for a 2024 credit.

2. You can donate on the website and you will instantly receive a receipt acknowledging your gift. Donations by check will be acknowledged at the end of the month following receipt.

3. When you file your state taxes, use form AZDOR 321, available here or included with all e-filing programs. The Homeless ID Project QCO code requested on AZDOR 321 is 20296.

4. Your refund will be increased, or your tax bill reduced, by the amount donated – up to $470 for an individual, $938 for joint filers.

If you’re looking for an easy and rewarding way to claim an Arizona Tax Credit on your upcoming taxes, you’ve come to the right place! If you don’t have time to read through this whole guide, the video above gives a quick overview of how the Arizona tax credit works for helping the homeless.


95% of AZ Taxpayers do not donate up to $938 to the Qualifying Charitable Organization of their choice even though they get all of their money returned in the form of a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax Credit.


EVERYONE who files taxes in Arizona, including those who do not itemize, can participate in the Arizona Tax Credit Program. In fact, there are four Arizona Tax Credit categories and every taxpayer can participate in all of them:


What are the four Arizona Tax Credit categories?

    1. Public Schools
    2. Private Schools
    3. Foster Care Organizations
    4. Qualifying Charitable Organizations including the Homeless ID Project.

      Making an Arizona Tax Credit donation has the effect of directing how your tax dollars are spent. It’s like telling our state legislators to spend your tax dollars in a way you see fit, for our schools and for our charities of choice, rather than having your tax money go into the state’s General Fund. Think about it this way: A Tax Credit represents your voice in government. You can direct the state to use your tax dollars your way. You get to decide!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I claim my Arizona Tax Credit?

The Arizona Tax Credit is claimed when filing your tax return. You will need to include form AZDOR321 (available by clicking on this link or as a part of your electronic tax filing software) and entering Homeless ID Project’s Qualifying Charitable Organization number (QCO 20296).

If you owe more than you paid, the Tax Credit will reduce the additional amount owed. If you are expecting a return, the return amount will be increased by the amount of the Tax Credit.

Do I have to wait until I file my taxes to make a donation to the Homeless ID Project? You can make a Tax Credit donation anytime during the year – and into the next year up until the April 15th tax deadline. You may want to set up a recurring monthly payment by clicking on this link while at the same time having your employer’s HR department reduce the amount of your state withholding. This will remove the need to make a large donation at any point and will spread the Tax Credit donation evenly across the year. 

What will my donation do to help homeless people in our community? First, the current cost to our community to maintain an individual, homeless and on the street, is $20,000 to $40,000 per year. This includes shelter, food, emergency medical care, and other costs arising out of homelessness on the community.

Second, the Homeless ID Project operates very efficiently. The cost of an ID is $12 and birth certificates are approximately $20. Of course, there is a cost for labor, rent, phones, and other expenses, but our average cost per document including all overhead and administrative expenses is about $40. A Tax Credit donation of $471 will provide an identifying document to at least 11 people.

Consider that it is impossible to get a job without an ID, and a single ID may be all it takes to move an individual from unemployed and homeless to employment. Similarly, birth certificates are needed for family housing, and a birth certificate may be the only thing standing between a family in shelter and a family in permanent housing.

Your Tax Credit donation enables the Homeless ID Project to provide a number of documents and will empower people to end their homelessness. Each document issued carries the potential to end the homelessness of one or more of our neighbors!

How much should I donate?

The Arizona Tax Credit program will return 100% of your donation up to $400 per person or $800 per family – but not more than your actual tax liability. 

So, what is your tax liability? A taxpayer in Arizona earning the minimum wage of $12 per hour and taking the standard deduction has a tax liability of about $300. At $15 per hour, the tax liability jumps to approximately $400 and continues up from there. In general, the more you earn, the larger your tax liability. One should always consult a tax professional for the most definitive answer, but anyone earning the minimum wage or more can make a substantial Tax Credit donation. 

Of course, you can donate any amount, more or less than the amount eligible for an Arizona Tax Credit, but a Tax Credit donation of $12 per month, for example, would help 12 Homeless ID Project clients get an ID – and would result in a $144 Tax Credit. $24 per month for 2 IDs per month would generate a Tax Credit of $288, which is within the tax liability limit for individuals earning at the level of minimum wage. 

So the amount you should donate is, of course, up to you but most people can donate 100 percent of the eligible Tax Credit amount and get all of it returned through a reduction in taxes owed, a tax return payment, or a combination of the two.

What’s next?

Once you’ve decided to support to Homeless ID Project, click the “DONATE” button above or text the word “aztaxcredit” to 44321.