Location: Brian Garcia Welcome Center

Schedule: Monday through Friday.
Time: 7:30 AM to 3:00pm, first come first serve. 

Services Provided: 

AZ ID & AZ Driver’s License

Replace a lost or stolen AZ ID or AZ Driver’s License
For a 1st time AZ ID or Driver’s License please bring what you can: Birth certificate, Social Security card, AHCCCS insurance card, and ID cards from any other state.

A valid out of state driver’s license is required to switch to an AZ driver’s license.

Birth Certificates

We help with replacing your birth certificate and can assist anyone born in the United States regardless of what state you were born. Generally, a valid ID is required, please bring what is available to establish identity.

Document Storage

While experiencing homelessness theft and loss can be very common. We can safely store your vital identification documents for as long as you’d like.