Arizona QCO (Qualifying Charitable Organizations) Tax Credits

If you pay State of Arizona taxes, consider taking advantage of a dollar-for-dollar tax credit called Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO) Arizona Tax Credit

You can reduce your state tax liability and help homelessness at the same time!

The maximum credit for 2024 is $938 for joint taxpayers filing jointly and $470 for individuals

You can apply for this QCO credit in addition to other tax credit opportunities, such as the private and public school tax credits.

Please consult with your tax professional for all tax advice. 

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homeless ID

Our mission is to end homelessness

Valid identification is required to access employment, housing, education and other services including medical care. 

We serve families and individuals that are seeking to prevent or end their homelessness, by assisting them in acquiring a valid Arizona ID card and other identification documents including birth certificates from all fifty states, at no cost to them